Palma de mallorca, Spain – Famous for is beautiful Castles and beaches

Palma de Marollca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and is the largest city in Mallorca with population of the Palma municipality of more or … Read more

Hampi, India – Famous for its ancient temples and architecture

Hampi, India

Hampi was the imperial capital of Vijayanagar, a 14th century empire but today what’s left of it the spreads out over an area of 26km². Before the fall of Vijayanagar, diamonds were sold on the streets, but the main street selling diamonds and other precious stones was surprisingly called Pan Supaari Street (in English it means betel-leaf betel-nut street). You can still see the exact location of … Read more

Tivoly, Italy – Beautiful romantic city famous for its Architecture and Villas

Tivoly Italy - Beautiful romantic city famous for its Architecture and Villas

Imagine renaissance history, beautiful nature, and breath-taking Italian villas situated on the hills of this small town. Tivoli isn’t just another romantic Italian small town whose narrow streets are hiding stories from the past centuries. Tivoli is a town whose cascade houses are whispering about the lives of the aristocrats and their families, about the dramatic past of the Italian aristocratic families and their secrets. There are three large villas that belonged to aristocrats and are perhaps the most famous architecture you can see in this town. Villa D’Este, Hadrian’s Villa and Temple of Vesta still exist and despite being old for more than five centuries, they still breathe with renaissance elegance and charm.
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