Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – A world heritage site famous for beautiful white beaches

Punta Cana is the name of a region in the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. This region has coastline of sandy white beaches and to a “town” of the same name. It is located in the province of La Altagracia and has of about 100,000. The region borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east. To the north, it borders Bávaro and El Cortecito beaches.

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How to get there

Punta Cana International Airport is reached by several USA and Canadian companies. So if you live in other parts of the world you will have to take a flight to either USA or Canada and then another flight to the Dominican Republic.

Most hotels will have airport pick up arranged for you at the Punta Cana Airport. Just look for your hotel name on a sign that many guides will have, and they will direct you to your bus. Private taxis are also available at fixed prices. You can go there by boat of course and this way of transport is quite common in Punta Cana. If you have already landed in Santo Domingo you can reach Punta Cana by car also. The Dominican Republic Government has built a new highway known as the “Autopisa Del Coral”.

How to get there

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Places to see

Santo Domingo is the first European settlement of the Western Hemisphere. It has preserved its colonial heritage for more than five centuries, and is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. See the first Cathedral of the Americas or the Alcazar de Colon, the palace of Diego, son of Christopher Columbus.

Altos de Chavon is a modern-day artist’s village resembling a 16th century Mediterranean town. It is set upon the hillside cliff overlooking the winding Chavon River. It is home to a 5000 seat amphitheater, an archaeological museum, craft workshops, artist’s studios and an assortment of galleries and restaurants. Bavaro Runners is a popular safari excursion in the area, and this way you can experience scenery and life of the Dominican Republic.

Saona Island is another place that is worth seeing. This is an island which is set in the natural reserve of The Parque Nacional del Este. Here you can relax the white, almost flour looking sand; you can surf of the Caribbean waters, and see dolphins swimming near the beach.

Manati Park is perfect for the animal lovers. Here you can see exotic fish, horses, parrots and get the chance to swim with real dolphins.

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What to see

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Things to do

Marinarium is a unique water park where you can experience some of the best snorkeling in the area. Take a Coco Loco as you cruise along the coast to your final stop, a waist deep natural pool in the sea.

Aquatic Tours offer spectacular 2-passenger speed boats where you can cruise the coastline in style. Snorkel equipment and instructions are included.

Dolphin Island will offer you a short boat ride and will take you to a floating platform where visitors can swim with trained dolphins right in the sea. Sea aquarium is a tour that offers you a diving helmet and allows you to walk the bottom of the clear waters with an unforgettable view of reef and coral life.

You can also go rafting. Situated near the town of Jarabacoa, the “Dominican Alps” offers 18 different waterfalls cascade between chasms of rock to water the rich, fertile earth below.

Helicopter Tours are the best way to see Punta Cana from above. Don’t forget your camera. You will fly over palm-studded coastlines, golf courses, white sandy beaches, and an array of shipwrecks.

What to do

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Most Punta Cana resorts are low-rise and lovely. Their grounds are lush and tropical with foliage, lagoons and palm trees along with peacocks, flamingos, ducks, parrots and other wildlife that stroll the resorts’ grounds. The majority of the resorts are very large and spread out, they have everything and resemble like small towns. Punta Cana’s resorts will offer every type of activities starting from golf, scuba, fishing, yachting, good food, Spas, children’s programs and everything else you need. If you don’t want to stay in a resort, you can find hotel accommodation too you can find decent hotels with prices from 20 dollars and up.


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Best season to visit

Punta Cana has a tropical climate. It is mildly windy, and the ocean in the area is mainly shallow, good marine pools where visitors can bathe. The average temperature of 26°C. The hottest season is from April to November, (daily temperatures go up to 32°C). From December to March, temperatures fall down to 20°C (in the evening). It rarely rains. Wear loose cotton clothing. The peak season in Punta Cana runs from December to April. Prices are drastically higher during the peak season.

Best season to visit

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